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The Merrily Show

Jun 5, 2018

Be honest with me... do you ignore your bookkeeping and finances because you're intimidated by them or you're afraid of what they may tell you?

Because that was totally the case with me before I got to speak with Katherine Pomerantz of The Bookkeeping Artist.

Not only is she a natural at easing your mind and talking you through money, but she specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs with our bookkeeping, so she knows exactly what we need and what we're going through. 

In this episode we tackle mindsets around finances and how to get over the intimidation of everything, all the way to actionable steps you can take to setting up a well-oiled bookkeeping system. 

Listen, if she was able to get ME excited about finances, I know you'll be excited about them at the end, too!


Katherine Pomerantz of The Bookkeeping Artist:


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